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 Strategy for attracting and retaining the target group
People browse internet voluntarily. They watch ads also voluntarily, thus such advertising is much more effective. Knowing who the consumer is and having experience in work with the like groups, we be rather specific to state what measures could affect the consumer and what not.
We help to answer the following questions:
▪  What are the interest fields of consumers?
▪  Where can your consumer be detected?
▪  What is his reaction to advertising?
▪  How much would it cost to attract the potential consumer by different measures?
▪  Which advertising forms would be best to "push" the consumer?
▪  How to retain the consumer?
Consumer's analysis is also often needed during the very advertising campaigns. Then more data than only CTR analysis is needed.
For instance, if the source x of the advertising campaign brought you 1500 visitors, however they opened only one page each, while the source x1 brought 100 and they opened 15 pages each. In this case, it's most probably the latter source that will bring you most visitors, while the source x will charge you for totally profitless visitors. Even if watching only the visitors' statistics, the source x would show better performance.

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