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IKS started its activities in May 2001. We are one of the youngest Lithuanian companies dealing with internet solutions. At the moment the company employs 7 people.
It would be hard to describe us in a simple way: we are young, but have more experience than most market "veterans"; we see to make changes in the very fresh business, nonetheless, we do follow classical marketing principles.
When establishing the company, we did our utmost to apply what had been learnt through mistakes in the West, also considering the specificity of Lithuania. We applied the Western model which proved itself in the West, when an internet company combines the knowledge and professionals of classical marketing, internet advertising, and internet technologies. Web page design is only the peak of iceberg. The main aim of our company is to provide our clients with the internet strategy which could be of profit and would reduce the costs.
On the web, we saw a completely different contact with the user. If we evidence other media forcibly thrusting proposals to people, on internet it's the people looking for proposals. Therefore, the advertising is by more effective.
Implementing the solution, we noticeably reduce the costs for attracting and retaining clients, and logistics.
How are we different from others?
Experience in classical marketing. Our employees took part in creating and implementing advertising-marketing campaigns for such clients like Pepsi, brewery Utenos alus, KJS, Henkel, VivaColor, Nelte, Eternit Akmenė, HP, IBM and other companies. All in all we performed about 150-200 campaigns. We perfectly understand the inner processes of the companies. We know what measures are most effective, which media or its mix will give the optimal effect, and how it can affect instantaneous sales, and what the long-term response may be. We transfer all this experience into the interactive space using even more opportunities.
Experience in internet advertising. Employees of our company have planned and implemented the first combined campaign of internet advertising for IBM. In four years we have realized several tens of internet advertising campaigns. We used methods which had not been yet used by any Lithuanian internet company. Our employees are active in creating the very market of internet advertising, initiating researches and introducing correct accounting systems. Implemented was one of the most successful projects in internet advertising in Lithuania:
Cheap technical modules. While creating the portal of the constructional information we made a number of technological modules connecting and improving which we implement solutions. We do not need to apply costly universal modules, neither to produce new ones. This reduces clients costs by 3-4 times.

Vytenio g. 9, Vilnius, Lithuania
Phone: +370 2 333 102
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