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Sergejus Jeriomenko
Director of the company
In 1993 he graduated from Vilnius University. Since graduation all the professional experience has been related to marketing. In 1993-1995 Sergejus worked as the sales manager in the tourism agency "Monoturizmas". Working there a team was formed, the sales strategy was created. In reference to the turnover, in 1995 (in reference to the business weekly the "Verslo žinios") the company "Monoturizmas" was the forth among others. In 1995-1997, experience obtained in the advertising agency "Saatchi & Saatchi", as the media director. In 1997 Sergejus started managing the new media agency "Ameba Media", working there until 1998. In 1998 (info from the "Verslo žinios") "Ameba Media" was rating the 23rd, leaving aside most market old-timers. In 1998 he was invited for the director's position to the reorganized Vide Supra media agency "Creative Media Services" and worked there until 2000. Calculating the turnover, in 2000 "Creative Media Services" was the first among media and advertising agencies. As distinct from most advertising agencies, which had their turnover decreased, CMS saw its turnover increased by almost 100 percent. Since May 2001 Sergejus has been working as the director of the JSC Ltd "Interaktyviosios Komunikacijos Sprendimai".
I assume that reason for successful career is the ability to create. Most people are used to copy famous works or criticize novelties. It's easiest, however, in order to push a little the market competitors and to forge to leaders, one needs new and original solutions.
A human cannot be the professional in all fields. Nonetheless, the team must be formed of the specialists best in their fields. I collect the team from people with creative potential and seeing their future in the chosen field. The employees are given the maximum self-support. Solutions made Independently force the individual development, raise the sense of responsibility, and, above all, injects self-confidence. Tuned work of such a team provides maximum quality and speed of services.
Marketing professional is somewhat like a surgeon. It's them the patient's life depends on: if they life or pass away. At this point theory is not very helpful. Positive results are most often achieved by devoting much time for theory and analysis of the results. In both cases one must enjoy the work. Having faced different situations, one gets the feeling about what is more effective in one or another situation.



Hermis Preikštas
Director of commerce
Since 1989, after graduation from university, I happened to perform work of various profile. Theatre, television, radio, trading sphere, advertising... The diverse and very useful experience I received makes direct impact on my current work results. It might be that biggest skills were taken from the television sphere. In 1990-1993 I worked as the show presenter and the editor in the television company BTV which had just started its activities. Later I worked in "Lipoliinter" (LNK) and LTV. No doubts, my job included a lot of advertising related work. Since 1999 I started working as the advertising director in the JSC Ltd "Aprolita", the official ORT (Public Russian TV) representation, and also the director of the advertising agency "Skerco". I see huge perspectives for the internet in Lithuania and believe that this is one of the most useful and operative field of mass media to those looking for exhaustive, and moreover, specialized information.



Vytenio g. 9, Vilnius, Lithuania
Phone: +370 2 333 102
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