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Today internet in Lithuania and in all the world steps into another stage. Amateur attitude to internet is succeeded by application of commercial solutions. Our company applies new business development opportunities on the internet.

We overlapped the stage when then internet companied in their infancy offer interactive tools. We ask questions and answer to them. Before going to the internet we ask the client: why?
Only after this question is answered we turn to the second stage: how?

Why the internet is needed? That's elementary: to earn from it. Every investment must bring profit.

How to gain this profit? The answer here is a little more complicated. More questions arise then: who is the consumer, what values does one possess, what product characteristics are important to them, what are his consuming peculiarities, etc? To have all these questions listed one might need two or ever three A4 pages. Consequently, only after these questions are resolved the tool creation can be started. It's a pity that today most start their knowledge with internet with the creation of the tool.

Disillusion with internet. Yes, it's the same as disillusion with advertising that existed at the beginning of advertising era. At that time, design professionals where the ones to create advertising. Nonetheless, those companies which then gave credit to professional advertising agencies are the market leaders today.

There's no need to see us as the internet solutions company with narrow profile. Having no understanding of the business specifics it's impossible to make a successful marketing tool. Today, having combined our knowledge about marketing and about your product, we can create a really efficient tool for the success of your company.

Vytenio g. 9, Vilnius, Lithuania
Phone: +370 2 333 102
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